Dalindeo is a Finnish jazz-sextet founded and led by composer/guitarist Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen in 2003. Their music is a cinematic jazz reminiscent of the ambience of movies by Finnish director extraordinaire Aki Kaurismäki mixed with a Tarantinoesque vibe of danger and suspense. Dalindèo’s musical influences range from Duke Ellington’s swing jazz to surf-guitars à la Dick Dale, all in a setting inspired by Finnish pouplar music frome the 1950’s.

Dalindèo’s third album “Kallio” (2013) has been one of the most popular Finnish jazz albums of recent years with unprecedented chart success (debuting at number 13 on the national chart) and sold out concerts all over the country. As a live act Dalindèo has gained a reputation as a tight and energetic performer. The bands interplay is as tight as ever after 150+ gigs in Finland and 12 other European countries since the release of debut album “Open Scenes” in 2007.

Ricky-Tick Big Band is a 17-member all-star big band consisting of the top young jazz musicians of Helsinki, Finland. Founded and lead by composer/producer Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen in 2010, the band has so far released one album, the self-titled “Ricky-Tick Big Band” on Ricky-Tick Records in 2010. The group has received praise for their tradition-wise aesthetic and high class performances all over Finland. All the elements of classic big band jazz are present while their music belongs firmly in the 21st century.

Ricky-Tick Big Band’s current project is a collaboration with 3 of Finland’s finest MC:s: Paleface, Redrama and Tommy Lindgren. It’s called Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana and they have released 2 albums: debut album “Burnaa” in 2013 and the sophomore “Korottaa Panoksii” (“Raises the Stakes”) in 2015, both released by Rokka/Sony Music Finland. “Burnaa” spent 17 week on the national album charts, 7 of those in the top 10. “Korottaa Panoksii” also debuted in the top 10 and was one of the year’s musical highlights according to various critics (amongst them, Finland’s main newspaper Helsingin Sanomat). The live shows from this 20-member outfit have received rave reviews and the groups following keeps growing consistantly. 2016 is a very busy year for the band, check out the website for latest touring infos. The outfits 3rd and last album “Pidä Valot Päällä” was released in October 2018.

Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana will be discontinued at the end of 2019 so this is the last year to check us out!
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