Dear visitor, welcome! I am a Finnish composer, arranger, musician, bandleader and producer. My foundation is in Jazz, which i studied extensively in Helsinki, Paris and Rotterdam but musically i don’t care about genres or boundaries too much. I play guitar, piano and synthesizers and love working as a musician but perhaps my biggest kicks i get from composing, arranging and producing. Coming up with new musical ideas, sounds, concepts.

I’m the artistic director, composer and conductor for the 17-piece jazz orchestra Ricky-Tick Big Band, with which we have released 4 albums. The second one of my main bands is sextet Dalindèo, with whom we have released 5 albums altogether. Dalindèo’s 2013 album “Kallio” won the Emma-award (Finnish Grammy) for “Jazz Album of the Year” and was nominated for the annual Teosto-prize of the Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society.

I’m very open to collaborate as an arranger/musician/producer, especially in cross-genre fields, theatre, cinema etc. My specialty as an arranger is definitely brass and woodwind-instruments but i have also worked with string ensembles and lately done a lot of sound design work on synthesizers.

If you want to get in contact, write my a line at valtteri (dot) poyhonen (at) gmail (dot) com !


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