Update 2016!

Hey everyone! It seems i get to sharing my latest activities around once a year.. well the most important thing is that music is happening and that surely is the case. Dalindèo is releasing a new album called "Slavic Souls" in ... Read more »


Update 2015!

Here's whats going on in 2015: Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana will release a new album in early Autumn 2015 on Sony Music Finland. The recordings are done and the album will be a contemporary soul-rap-jazz album of epic proportions. ... Read more »


Update 2014!

Here's a small update on what's happening: Dalindèo's "Kallio"-album was chosen as album of the year at the annual Funky Awards in Helsinki. The album is has also been nominated for the jazz-album of the year at the Emma-gaala, the Finnish ... Read more »

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